Home Cell Center

The Home cell center of our ministry is spread across the area of all our Church formations. It serves as the nerve centre for warmth and care among our membership as well as the community around us. This is a small group meeting where the church is taken closer to the membership in various designated homes across our cities. The Home Cell Center group meets weekly at our various locations.


The meetings are always coordinated by well-trained Pastors and  Home Cell leaders who report to the Pastorate. In every meeting the members fellowship with the Word of God, ask questions, make prayer request, have love feast or break bread and share testimonies of the Lord’s doing in their lives and families. This has been a tremendous avenue of encouragement to our membership and our communities as a lot of testimonies are born out of these meetings. The benefits and the functions of the Home Cell Center at a glance:


        • Fellowship and spiritual connection to God on individual basis.
        • Reaching out to individual membership and our community
        • Identification of membership and community needs
        • Spiritual and physical support of both membership and the community.
        • Facilitate the spiritual growth and maturity of our membership.
        • Church and community leaders are raise through HCC.
House Fellowship